Farm to Bar

How We……

Processing Cacao?


Open Cacao

We select and harvest fresh fruit. It is about 80% ripe, which is the most delicious ripeness of the fruit. and suitable for fermentation. In this step, we change the waste that was previously discarded by filtering until we get……

“cacao juice from fresh fruit” which is a rare item that we would like you to taste.


Fermentation box Process

The key is the fermentation box process. which requires knowledge Understanding the growth of microorganisms, temperature and air, we use fermentation box made from hardwood. Designed to fit the amount of cocoa beans that need to be fermented per time. Convenient for adding air in order for the microorganisms to react efficiently This process reduces the bitterness and astringency of the seeds. and creating a unique aroma and taste.


Drying Process

Then there is the drying process. To reduce the moisture in the seeds This takes approximately 7-10 days, depending on weather conditions. In principle Dry seeds with a moisture content of 7% can be stored for more than 3-7 years.


Aging Dried Beans

Take the dried beans. Comes stored in a sack bag. To incubate using a period of approximately 6-12 weeks, which causes the release of gases and sour acids in the beans. and helps the flavor of the beans to be more stable.

And How We Make……



Grading / Sorting

Seed size sorting to prepare for baking to ensure even quality.



Baking or roasting is an important process that helps bring out the best aroma and taste. This requires testing the profile of the beans every time they are roasted.


Cracking / Winnowing

The cracking of roasted bean husks to separate the shell and flesh is called…..


“Cacao nibs” as the main raw material for further processing.

“Cacao Husk Tea” are also the main raw material for further processing.



The transformation from cocoa beans to chocolate using a stone roller grinder along with making the chocolate recipe takes 48-72 hours.


Aging Cocoa Mass

Curing chocolate after processing to keep it as stable as possible Takes about 2 weeks. Store at a temperature of 18-22 degrees Celsius.



The arrangement of chocolate molecules through increasing and decreasing temperature is called “Tempering” so that the chocolate maintains its shape, shine, and melts slowly.



Making a chocolate bar by pouring it into a mold and then refrigerating it for 20-30 minutes and……

gives you a chocolate bar of happiness!

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